Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Glimmer....

Sunday morning rolled around early... too early. We were expected to be at a meeting at 9am for seminary for the kids. We woke up at 8:30am and knew we weren't going to make it to that meeting. Hubby rolled over happy to fall back asleep and be is Stake Conference after all. MORMON HOLIDAY!!!! Just kidding. With all my struggles. I actually made everyone get out of bed and start getting ready. I dragged them to Stake Conference and made them come with smiling faces.

And we the hard chairs. UGH! I figured 30 minutes would be enough to make it and get a good seat...but alas!!! No!!! I sat listening to the talks, trying to gain whatever spiritual glimpse I could get. At the end of the two hour block, I felt a glimmer....a spark....burning in my heart as the Stake President spoke. And for that small glimmer that lasted 5 seconds at the was worth it.

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