Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Finish Line...or the Beginning.

Today was another big day for our family. Corinna earned her Young Women's medallion and today the bishop took a few moments to award it to her. What was sweet is I had many parents approach me and tell me what a beautiful young woman she was and how the medallion enhanced her beauty.

I agree completely, though I may be partial.

What touched me the most was as we headed out the doors of church to start our walk home the young men came up high fiving her and congratulating her for earning her medallion. They applauded her standards and her hard work.

This is what I've noticed about the youth in our ward. It's been noticed that at dances when most of the kids spread out and hang out with other people from other wards our ward is different. They all are in the center of the room dancing and enjoying being together. I'm kind of sad for moving the kids away from such a group, but I know they'll be all right. They'll bond with the new ward and become a great addition. Until then, we'll celebrate the good times!!!

Next week...Mother's Day and being there when my son is ordained a teacher. Pictures to follow!!!

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Freyja Colborn said...

way to go Cori that is spectacular!!!!