Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Walking Away....

I don't know if there is anyone still out there who used to read my blog. If you are still there...I'm sorry. I truly had to walk away. I was becoming too negative and spreading my least in my mind so I needed to regroup, rethink my attitude. Yes, I am thick headed and so it truly took some time. I often remarked to my co-workers it would take a two by four to knock some sense into me. In this case it took several months/years.

So, here's where we left off:

My beautiful oldest daughter is back for her second year in college and she is freaking amazing!!!

 My son graduated from high school and consequently left me in tears for several months.  It will make sense soon.

The bonus to working near the Alamo is getting to run off to see Phil Collins, yes from Genesis, donating his collection of Alamo artifacts back to the Alamo. Phil, you'll be in our hearts....    THANK YOU!!!

 I love dressing up like Bob the Builder to get an exclusive tour of one of the newest and most incredibly renovated venues for music, theater and all around incredible performances...         the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts
 Oh what to do when your oldest decides to be an illustrator....Yeah...She's incredibly talented.
 Getting to sneak over to Houston to celebrate the wedding of one of my best friend's kids and bringing the girls along.

                I've been picking up with some strange critters while traveling this past fall.

                 AND, now you see why my son left me in tears. He is freaking amazing!!!

 Our first dinner after his graduation from boot camp. I miss this guy, but he is doing what he dreamed of....becoming a US Marine.
 My youngest daughter being her typical crazy self and entertaining me beyond all belief.
                                                           She freaking amazing!!!

 When my artist has to complete a project which takes all weekend and gets labeled "eccentric."
                                                                             Love it!!!
 New Job! New Haircut! New Me!!! Check out that sassy new Sales Manager at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Sea World Westover Hills.....Getting a job that I never applied for? Check that off the bucket list!!!
                                                    Trying to organize my new office!
                             My new neighbors....I love that I get to visit them. So fun!!!
                                What happens when Sea World is closed? I get to go play!!!
          My baby boy is now growing into a terrific young man. My son, my Marine!!!

                It got cold this I ended up being the Pig in the Blanket!!!
Oft times I desire to feel normal, like every other woman in church, then I look down and realize it's never going to happen....and I'm okay with it!

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H.K. said...

Tammy, my friend! I've been away from blogging too, just been really busy. I never thought of your posts as negative, you've always been pretty positive even when facing adversity. I'm going to be catching up on blogging too.

Your children are growing up!!! Your son is a marine, amazing! And your daughter is in her second year in college?!! I think we've been folowing each other's blogs for several years so it's amazing to see the transformation of your children and you! Love your new haircut! Thank you for sharing your journey and I hope you continue to blog!