Friday, July 29, 2011

On Sacred Ground...

The one bonus to working downtown is the route I come into work. As you all know, the bus is my main form of transportation. I come into the downtown area and I walk...I'm early and I have plenty of time to wander and explore. AND before you ask...wnadering the streets so early in the morning is more than safe in San Antonio. There are so many security guards getting off duty for the night you never need worry. Besdies, Texas is the land of people carrying their own guns....totally safe. Even though we are the 7th largest city in the US we really have a small town feel when it comes to the people. Enough said!!!

Back to the thought at hand. As I walk in to work I end up passing the Alamo every single workday I come in. As I walk along the Alamo walls I run my fingers across the lichen covered walls. I will never forget the phrase: "Remember the Alamo!" That battle cry passes through my mind whenever I go into work. No, my job is nothing like a battle. I will admit this much. However, I remember to do my best in whatever situation I might find myself. Not with guns, but a smile and kindness do I use for my battles. All in all it is a good thing in rememberance of the valiant men who lined the broders of an American Icon.

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