Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Gone....is my sanity
Gone....are my kids
Gone....are my old friends at work
Gone....is my comfort zone
Gone....is my monstro commute


Seriously, my commute is amazing compared to what I used to deal with. When I am off work...I walk to my bus stop, I get to the transit center and my next bus is almost there. Then the long walk home.

My kids? Oh they're off having fun at EFY and I am thrilled they get some downtime away from the computer, away from Mom & Dad but still in a structured environment.

New job? Loving it!!! I am completely enjoying what I do and loving the fact that I can transfer all reservations calls to the Res Center I came from. Oh yeah!!! Life is good!!! I've got a plan and I am looking forward to learning even more. Best of all....I see Heavenly Father's plan unfolding....and I am grateful!!!!

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