Friday, May 28, 2010

Good News VS Bad News....

If someone gave you a choice....which would you choose?

I chose bad...I always choose bad first. Why?! I love to get the bad news over with. So...the bad news? I have a major cold. I despise colds!!!

The good news?

Oh my there's so many to choose goes:

-I had today I relaxed a bit

-I was able to help a friend in need

-I packed a box

-Today was the last day of seminary....I no longer need to wake up at 5am to make sure Corinna is awake.

AND....the #1 Good news of the day?!

The current tenants of our home are vacating as of the 15th of June...2 full weeks ahead of schedule and my landlord offered extra boxes if we need them to pack AND we have 2 weeks to move in without paying any rent!!!! We are able to start moving in a little over 2 weeks!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?!

Oh yeah...I am. So, we are planning on starting to move as soon as possible so we can be out by my birthday. Last year I celebrated my brithday in a nearly empty apartment...but my family was together. This year, I will be celebrating my 39th birthday by unpacking.

I can barely believe in one month I will be starting to move and unpack my home. A beautiful 2 story brick home with a fireplace and a red door. I know it's crazy, but I LOVE red doors. In honor of the move I am planning on renaming my blog. I don't know what yet, but I've got a few ideas swimming around my head. If you've got any suggestions throw 'em at me!!! I want to use this as a fresh start...leave behind the baggage from the recession and the loss of our lives into something fresh and fun. Any ideas you have I'd lvoe to hear!!!


Poetry of Life said...

Yay! Can I just say that you are missed my dear. I'm so happy that although life threw you a curve ball, you have done such a wonderful job turning lemons into lemonade. Good luck with the move!!!

Jen said...

"Thoughts from behind the Red Door" or "Inside the Red Door" or something along those lines. Can't wait for you to post pics!!!! I still am in denial that you're not on some trip around the world and coming back soon!