Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Testing Wings...

I've never had a hard time watching my kids grow up. I've enjoyed them spreading their wings, but in the past 24 hours something has happened. Nothing bad, it's just simple realization. Next week is my oldest's 15th birthday.

Now, let it be said I love watching my kids grow and tunr into the fabulous people they are.

I love waking her up at 5am to get ready for seminary and driving her so early in the morning. We get a chance to talk.

I love it when she arrives home from a church dance and she recounts the events with friends and the young men who've asked her to dance.

I love watching her abilities as an artist grow. Her talent at first was a fun thing to watch grow. She is very humble about her abilities and finds herself continually surprised by remarks from her teacher and a request to put her art into a district wide art competition...for her self portrait. I've only seen a tiny picture of it on her cell phone, but it was amazing. I can't wait to see it in person.

In just one year, my beautiful girl will be getting her driver's license and start dating some of the incredible young men in the area and turning into a Laurel.

I realize now what little precious time I have left with not only her, but my other two as well.


Momza said...

Hey there you are! I've missed your daily blogs...sounds like your journey continues to be exciting!
Happy Bday to your firstborn!

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