Thursday, January 28, 2010

Really?! Are you serious?!

Are there really people like this in the world?!

I've heard of them and always believed them to be fictional...something created to make Jerry Springer or Judge Judy popular.

I've come to the conclusion: I was wrong.

This major accident...and by major I mean no lasting damage to my car, no damage to my children or the children in the other car. In fact, there's not even a scratch where our cars touched. Simply a dull mark on my otherwise normally shiny car...well, if I took the time to wash it that is.

New Year's Eve...yes, I was headed to the Spurs game, the one I had hoped my husband could take the kids to as I had no desire to go. our fenders touched, we stopped exchanged information and left from there. I've got no cell phone and therefore was unable to call the police. She had a cell phone, but had no desire to call them. So we left it to our insurance companies.

At first reporting the accident my insurance company claims person didn't take my side. They simply waited for the facts to come in first. Sounds fair to me. I'd hope they would be objective like that. I reported my side of the story to her and they asked that I take it to their appraiser to take photos of the car. The look on the appraiser's face when he couldn't find any damage was priceless.

The next morning my phone rang...on the other end...the woman who hit my car. She was angry and told me she was suing me and taking em to court. I got a little worried and discussed the matter with my insurance company. The sweet woman in claims called the other woman's insurance company and told her to stop calling me. Any communication needed to go through the insurance company.

So what happened next? She called me again this afternoon angry and completely upset. She attempted to bully me into calling her so she could get my address to subpoena me and take me to court. She claimed her children were all injured. She claimed to think I was a good samaritan at first accepting what I had done wrong. And now she realized what a horrible person I was.

Guess what I'm going to buy this weekend?

A digital voice recorder.


To record each and every message this woman leaves claiming I injured her children.

My question?

If the children were all injured why did she not tell her insurance company when she filed her claim? Why didn't she call the police at the scene if she had a cell phone and I didn't? if I sideswiped her vehicle trying to cut her off...where is the damage to my car? Just a thought.

What was that saying about when you give a person enough rope?

Hmmm.....Just checking.


Leslie said...

You know you can do call blocking and block her number so she can't call you. Sorry that you are going through this.

Tammy said...

I thought about that, but right now I'm not too worried. My insurance company is keeping close eye on this situation and their lawyers are preparing as we speak. Right's document,document,document.
If it gets worse, I'll either block her calls or change my number.

Cynthia said...

People are always trying to get something for nothing. Insurance companies deal with this all the time. They'll get her. Don't let her abuse you.