Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Of Halloween's Past....

I made it through Halloween. I know I've been struggling trying to keep up with everything. I'm fairly certain it is just because my mind is always on work. It's sometimes hard to turn off the power in your mind when you literally love your job. So, Halloween was a challenge to me...but I dressed up....well, sort of.

I dressed up for our work's Halloween contest. The best part. I wore my slippers and robe and claimed to be a home agent for Marriott. My manager had the same idea. In the corner of my mind I figured the interviews would be delayed that one day for the incoming training group....nope!!!! Interviewees were brought in as we wandered the halls in our bathrobes and slippers, some in pajamas, others in insanely incredible costumes. They now have an idea of what strange people we really are. Oh well, better to find out ahead of time.

I managed through that day and the following day was Halloween. It was very quiet that day, except for reservations being made by those who wished to completely avoid trick or treaters for one night. After work my kids and hubby waited outside my office with the car. We drove off to my sister-in-laws so we could let the kids trick or treat together for the first time ever. They were excited!!!

While the menfolk escorted the kids around the neighborhood us womenfolk grabbed a few chairs and we sat outside handing out candy....well, I pretty much relaxed while my sister-in-law....decked out in her gorgeous witchy wear....did all the work. Her parents were visiting so it was great to see her again. I think the last time I met up with her mother it was when they got married. So again we sat out on the porch while her mother kept passing me crackers with chicken salad on top saying... "You've worked all day, you must be!!!!"

All in all it was a really fun filled evening and we really did enjoy everything, to which i must thank my ever so fabulous sister-in-law. LOVE her!!!

Oh and in case you were wondering...the two gorgeous princesses on the right hand side...are mine. And that handsome ghost....oh he is not just a ghost...He's Charlie Brown as a trick or treater complete with saying: "I got a rock!"

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