Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm sorry.....

Dear Bolg,
I feel like I've neglected you...and I'm sorry. You see, there was this crazy thing called life that happens.

At some points you have to work hard just to run to spend 2 hours on three busses with strangers, some of them needing a good dose of Anti-persperant and others who need a good lesson in manners.

I must add however, Texans are a very polite culture compared to those who live in other places. At the bus stop when the bus arrives, then men always let the women board first. If an elderly person or woman boards they for sure move from their seat to offer it to another...which is greatly appreciated for those of us who have foot issues. Anyway, the etiquette I am talking about is cell phone etiquette. No, I don't care that a person may need to make a phone call or attend to a matter that jsut cannot wait. However, to the point of seeming rude. I utterly detest being held hostage in your conversation...Yes, the conversation you had with at least 4 different people during the 30 minutes I was sitting in front of you. It was the same conversation you had when you spoke so loud I could barely hear the music pumping through the headphones of my Ipod that I had set fairly loud in order to keep your conversation private. I could never believe that ACDC's Back In Black would fail to block out another sound when turned up loud enough. You, Ma'am have indeed proven me wrong. Yet I digress.

After two hours of riding and trying very hard to control my motion sickness reflexes...as a few of the bus drivers drive as if they graduated from the "Mr' Toad's Wild Ride" Bus driver's school...I march up the quiet street leading to my complex. I pause slightly to wave at a few of the residents sitting outside and enjoying the twilight sky. After climbing what feels like Everest to my knees I turn the corner and finish the last three flights of stairs to my haven only to be mobbed by three overly adorable children.

I left work at 5:15pm

It is now nearly7:15pm. I am hungry, my darling children have made their own meals and are satisfied, but yet all three have a great desire to talk eagerly of the goings on in their days. I hear from my son about how tired he is of the girls here telling him he has "pretty eyes." I listen to my youngest recount the latest gossip and news from the middle school she looks at as a maximum security prison. I listen also to my oldest recounting the funny things that happened as well as catching up on the "girl talk" we love so much.

It is now nearly 9pm. I eat my dinner which now is the equivelent of two scrambled eggs as I don't have enough energy to make a real meal at that time.

I send the kiddies off to bed...of course one tends to put herself to bed early due to early morning seminary. All is quiet and it strikes my mind.

'I need to update my blog'

But my body doesn't move. Instead, I find myself moving towards the bathroom starting a long hot bath and throwing in a handful of the most delicious bath salts I've ever owned...For that I owe Ryan and Eddy!!!

Now now girls...don't get too excited. They work for the Vail Resort and Spa run by Marriott and brought me some of the precious Vanilla Ginger bath salts sold in their incredible spa to encourage me to be extra nice to the guests when they call wanting to make reservations. Ryan also begged me to come up for three days this winter in which he said he'd comp me three nights and arrange for my lift ticket and rental gear so we could race down the mountain...my knees ache already. I emerge from the bath and jump in my jammies and look at the clock.

10 pm....I guess I'll have to try to update my blog tomorrow.

I hope!!!!


H.K. said...

I don't think you ever have to apologize for "neglecting" your blog- from your post your life is BUSY from dawn to dusk.

I loved reading about the conversations with your kids and I agree with you 100% about cell phone etiquette. My biggest pet peeve is being on the treadmill at the gym and the next person jabbing away on the cell phone for 15 mins or more, very irritating.

Anyway my blog is on private setting for now (long story), but I would love to include you and the email I have for you bounced back. So, send me an email so that I can add you on. My email address is hkweighsin@gmail.com.

Take care!

Poetry of Life said...

We will take what we can get. We are all plodding through life right now and we are just happy that you are surviving it and finding little bits of happiness along the way.