Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Conversation With a Telemarketer...

Me- "Hola!"

Them- "Hello! I'm calling from AT&T. I see on records you were with us before and I wanted to see if I could interst you in coming back to us."

Me- "Como estas?!"

Them- "I'm fine thank you. Ma'am would you be intersted in hearing about our reduced rates?"

Me- "Que?"

Them- "Ma'am? Do you speak english?"

Me- "Que?"

Them- "Ma'am? Do you understand me?"

Me- "Que?"

Them- "Ma'am hold on, I'm going to find someone who speaks spanish."

Me- "Que?"

The transfer happens....

Them- "Hola! Como estas? Mi llama es Maria..." She then begins the same wording in Spanish."

Me- "Uh, I'm sorry, I don't understand spanish."


The best part was when my family were watching me carefully when they had no idea what I was doing. Their faces were priceless!!!


Mach Momma said...

That is too funny!

Freyja Colborn said...

That is way Funny TAmmy. I totally needed a good laugh today. Thanks

Anonymous said...

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H.K. said...

This was hilarious!!!! And I'm going to use that the next time a telemarketer calls.

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