Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Letting Them Fall

When they were babies and I stood just outside their bedroom at night listening to their cries as I let them cry themselves to sleep in order to teach them to sleep through the night....I thought that was the worst moment.

Today was much worse....BYU girl called me from school. She is failing her first class EVER. She is slightly upset and thinking I would scream and yell. My mind raced as she described her visit with her teacher. College is a challenge to her. Challenges are new to this brainiac. She is struggling for the first time. Her teacher told her to finish out the semester in class and then take the class again....and she will....and she has already added it to her schedule. She is determined to do it. She will make it through this time. My little procrastinator has learned it doesn't work to put things off in college.

She;ll catch on....and I'll be listening at the door.


H.K. said...

Moe learned late that he did in h.s. wasn't going to work in college. That is great that you are supportive of her and I'm sure she needed that during that wake up call.

Corinna Marie said...
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tammy said...

Update...She's picked herself up and is running ahead towards her goal. I'm so proud of her! She's getting it!!!

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