Monday, September 26, 2011


Almost a decade ago...I had a tough time. Hubby was travelling 3 weeks out of the month and I was attempting to manage life with my 3 itty bitty ones who were all in diapers. I was drifitng away in a sea of depression and searching for a life preserver....someone or something to hold onto.

I reached out on the internet to find a friend....Someone I could connect to and write... a penpal of sorts. I ended up meeting a woman whom I may never meet but I carry in my heart. it seems strange to say my best friend in the world lives an ocean away deep in the heart of Scotland....and we have never met.
She and I both belong to the same faith. We talk about church, scriptures, conference talks. We talk about our lives, our ups, our downs. We talk of our challenges and our triumphs. Many times we have wondered just how come we could be such good friends and be so far apart. I mused perhaps we were inseperable in the pre-existance and in this life we were to learn to stand on our own two feet...but Heavenly Father couldn't bear to keep us completely apart and helped us find our way to each other over the internet. It could be may not.

Next month it will be 12 years since we began writing and we are still hoping at some point we will meet face to face and I can finally hug the friend I've held constantly in my heart over the years. Until then....I will continue the tapping away at my keys and keeping in contact with my friend, my sister.

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H.K. said...

That's so awesome Tammy! Hopefully one day you'll meet your friend. Thank goodness for technology!