Friday, November 2, 2012

5 more weeks....somebody wake me up

5 more weeks... 5 more weeks... 5 more weeks... This is my mantra. as I count down to the end of this terrible semester. Let me just share with you my schedule this week: Monday:3-11 Tuesday:4am wake up and run to catch bus to make it to my first class by 7:45am Finish my last class by 2pm Jump on the bus and head back downtown and change in time for my night shift. Work 3pm-11pm Wednesday:wake up at 4am to catch bus in time...work7-3pm Thursday: Wake up again at 3am to grocery shop...then be back by 5am for my bus run again Out of last class by 2pm Friday:wake up at 4am....catch bus to get to work ...Work 7-3pm...pass out!!! Oh yeah...trying hard to work it....and survive. Why did I do this?!?!? Oh be a good example to my kids. Sigh....we'll see how this works. Only one more semester and I will achieve my goal of my Associate's Degree. No, not a Bachelor's or anything but it's a step.


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