Thursday, September 27, 2012're going to pay me to play on Facebook?!

I go by several names at work: Queen of Hsopitality TripAdvisor Darling Associate of the Year (There is no such award at our location) Obsessive Travel Freak I'll go with any of those, but now I am adding on a fun title I never imagined and most likely never expected. Residence Inn in an effort to help travellers is using Facebook to discover our local recommendations. You are allowed to ask questions and wait for a local or expert to answer. Oh yeah....San Antonio is MINE!!!! Mwahahaha!!! Yes, you can go to the Residence Inn Facebook page and look for Thrival Guide. Once you click on that image and pick your city You can look for a variety of information ranging from Dining to Farmer's Markets. This being is its infancy and I haven't had a chance to thoroughly take it over. I'll be creating reviews of locations here in S.A., but for now...I am slowly gathering my info to start invading the web. If anyone has any questions, leave them for me and the the other S.A. locals. We've got ideas for everything from finest dining to a local haunt where we all go for breakfast tacos. From the Alamo to Sea World. For now, I will add on title on Thrival Guide Expert. Boo Yah!!!

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